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31 Writing Prompts to Earn Your First Dollar

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Hi there,

You want to write. You want to be typing away and call it done today.

But you find yourself staring at the blank page and that forever-blinking cursor wondering if you'll ever start.

You'll then take a peek at IG or FB and never be seen again... until tomorrow when you regret not having written, and the cycle repeats.

I know. I've been there.

If you want to write for 31 days straight without worrying about what to write when you sit at your desk and pick up some brilliant writing chops by the side, then this guide is for you. 💙

(Don't miss to read the P.S at the end for a surprise treat)

If you want to find your writing strengths, challenges, and voice, then read on...

Writing can take you places.

You can start a freelance writing business, your own blog, content marketing, an e-commerce store, or an entire book.

But you need to keep at it to see any results. For how long?

Listen, it’s only after over 100 pieces I found a sense of direction in my writing.

You’ll need to strike that delicate balance between what you’re best at writing and what topics engage your readers the best.

The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe. — Gary Halbert

With this powerful quote, let's get going. Shall we? Good.

Well, here's your practical guide to building a strong writing habit.

The ebook also has everything you need to kick off your freelance writing business or a niche blog.

Because in this short guide, you'll also find the best practices and tips drawn from writing courses that have helped me, books on writing that I’ve read, and my experience working with clients over the years.

Section One–31 Creative Writing Prompts

I challenge you to write at least 500 words per prompt. 👍

I've created each prompt to identify your strengths and uncover your writing potential. ✨

From writing about your favorite person to writing a case study.

Some topics will need you to research a little bit. And that’s important.

But don’t worry, I’ve shared hints and suggestions on how to go about each prompt.

Section 2–Finding your niche. Or the Product-Market fit. 🤝
How to come up with topics that interest you and have a hungry audience too.

Section 3—Come up with writing prompts that earn clicks and reads in your market. 🖱️👀
A lesser-known way to use social networking groups to find writing topics.

Section 4—Swipe Files 📁
Swipe files can be a lifesaver, erm.. time saver and if you’ve not got one yet, learn how to create one.

Section 5—Make your article publish-ready.✔️
Useful tips on structuring, editing, and a list of free editing tools to polish your writing, so it shines.

Section 6—Writing a click-worthy headline. 📰
Do you know that 4 out of 5 people decide whether to read your article or skip it after reading the headline?

Section 7—Where to publish your articles for free? 🆓
You don’t need a fancy website. Starting small is the key to freelance success.

Section 8—Where and How to Market yourself? 🔊
Marketing? eww!!! Let me tell you many non-salesy ways to market your work. You'll enjoy it and learn more about your market too.

Making your achievements known is the only way people will know about them.- Ash Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project

At the end of the exercise, you’ll know

  • How to structure your article?
  • Use free tools to smoothen your piece.
  • Craft a click-worthy headline and CTA using swipe files and free tools.
  • How to write for yourself and edit it for the reader?
  • Find your sweet spot, aka niche as a writer.
  • You’ll also be ready with a few published writing samples to share with a new prospective client.

If you think the writing market is saturated, it’s the opposite. There’s ample space for everyone, enough fortunes to be made and lives to be transformed.

Download this guide and you'll be on your way to beating the brain-numbing baddie (procrastination) and ready to make a living fortune writing!

Love and Luck,


P.S. I'll send you a print and frame quote along with your purchase that will amp your writing. 🎁

Happy writing!

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31 Writing Prompts to Earn Your First Dollar

6 ratings
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